Hudson Whiskey and Cigar Dinner Photos

  • John Nugent, owner of The Cigar Merchant, inspects a cigar from AVO before lighting up.
    Drinks round 1 - An "Old Fashioned" made with Hudson Baby Bourbon.
    Marty from Republic Liquor, explains Hudson Whiskey.
    Food round 1 - Antelope Carpaccio, brioche toast, currant relish.
    Drinks round 2 - Hudson Manhattan Rye
    Food round 2 - Whiskey Cheddar Bisque
    Drinks round 3 - Hudson Four-Grain
    Food round 3 - Caramelized Apples & Arugula Salad, Spanish blue cheese, whiskey-pecan vinaigrette
    Drinks round 4 - Hudson Single Malt
    Food round 4 - Smoked Prime Rib, sweet potato puree, creamed spinach. LOOK HOW BIG THAT THING IS!
    John about to tackle his Prime Rib.
    Along with everyone else, John couldn't finish the Prime Rib. To go box please!
    Drinks round 5 - Hudson New York Corn
    Food round 5 - Bread Pudding, Davidoff 5000 Infused Chocolate Ganache, White Whiskey Butter Sauce